Repair Service

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Our repair service always provides a quotation before the work starts.

We offer you the following possibilities to tune our service to meet your demands:

Standard Overhaul

The standard service, every complete overhaul starts with, consists of:

1- complete dismantling of the movement
2- thorough cleaning of the parts
3- If necessary, correcting/repairing  mechanical defects, (such as worn out bearings)
4- re-assembly of the movement
5- cleaning of the hands and dial.

On this service, we provide a guarantee of 1 year.

A few pictures taken during the cleaning of a front shield:

Extra possibilities

It is also possible to choose for a high-grade overhaul service,
that is giving you the extra security of a 5-year guarantee period.

When performing a high-grade overhaul service, we use some slightly different cleaning methods, that put emphasis on the looks of the movement.
Another difference is in the materials being used.  On replacing the bearing bushes, we use high-grade bronze ones, ensuring a very long lifetime of the new bearing.
If the clock is equipped with winding springs, new ones are fitted to ensure a faultless operation for many years.
If the clock has a rope or snare drive with weights, the ropes/snares are renewed too.

Extensive Damage

If your clock has damage to its vital parts, (for example: an arbor is bent or even broken, tooth bent/broken, parts missing, broken mainspring)
we examine the individual movement to see what can be done about it.   As with all repairs, you get a quotation before we do anything.


The standard overhaul service for any clock costs between 80 and 120 euros. Which of these it will be depends on the type of clock.
High-grade overhaul service will be about 150 % of the standard price.